In, out and in again.


...with a visit to the exhibition "Picasso, Matisse, Dubuffet, Bacon...les moderne s'exposent" at the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Lyon.

There was a huge line to get into the exhibition. And it was cold outside! Clearly, people like their culture on a Sunday morning. (I will not lie. I was both annoyed and pleased by this.) It didn't help that the exhibition is a very good one and ends on February 15th. Ah, well.

Temporarily defeated, we decided to have a coffee at Starbucks, a stone's throw away, and then head back home. There's no way that I wanted to keep Captain Destructo waiting outside in the cold, just standing in a line. We figured that we'd come back another day, at an earlier hour.

After a latte, americano, hot chocolate and four donuts between me, Mr Le Hubby & Captain Destructo (I admit that they ate the donuts while I watched and listened to the dude at the next table have a very LOUD conversation in English with another guy wearing a nautical blue and white striped shirt), we left the Starbucks.

Crossing the Place des Terreaux, I took a moment to walk up the steps to the town hall to get a closer look at the carved door. As I pulled out my camera and took a closeup shot of a cherub, Mr Le Hubby said, "There's no one." I focused my camera and took another shot. "Oh, I know. Kinda nice, isn't it?" I thought he meant that the square was empty, 'cause that place is usually hopping with people.

"No. In front of the museum. The line is gone."

Hurrah for lunchtime and the need people have to listen to their stomachs when 12 p.m. rolls around.

With no need to stand in line to get in the exhibition, we spent the whole afternoon there.

And it was a very cool exhibition.

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