Who are you, and why does your blog look a little funny?

I'm Becky. I've owned this domain name since 1998. I was inspired by Frida Kahlo's "casa azul" when I chose it. That's where it comes from.

At first, it was a personal site with all sorts of stuff: graphics, living in Mexico, my new life in France...

Then I added a blog in 1999, when blogs were still kinda new. The layout and content were different than what you see now, and I used to share in a different way. A bit like a diary. At first I didn't have a digital camera, so I wrote a lot more. After I got a camera, the pictures served as a footnote to the writing.

In early 2002, I got a huge influx of new visitors overnight. Many of whom didn't know what blogs were because, like I said, blogs were still kinda new at the time. Most of those new visitors came from my being a Blogger blog of note which I think was the catalyst for a Bloggie nomination, a mention in a Times Magazine article (where I share a paragraph with RuPaul, which I've always thought was cool), being quoted in a New York Times article (that questioned if blogs were a "fad", which I now find amusing) and then a smattering of other articles that mirrored the content already in those articles. My blog traffic went through the roof and to be honest I felt like I was receiving thousands of guests for a big party while still in my bathrobe and avocado mask.

After that, I decided to close the blog and focus mostly on my knitting at skinnyrabbit.com. (And the same thing sort of happened over there, too. But that site has always been live, even if I don't update it like I used to.)

Anyway, I missed sharing about my life in France so I reopened the blog in the layout you see now, as a photoblog of sorts. Without a thought for archiving. Without the writing. Without the frequency. But with more pictures. Pictures are always nice, I think.

Thanks for visiting.

Incidentally, you can also find me at other places linked here.

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