Cheeky cherubs.


In the François I wing of the castle at Blois.

This isn't my first visit to this wing, or to the castle. I've been to Blois three times, and we always end up visiting the castle for an exhibition or show. Such a tourist.

This time, we visited the "Fêtes et crimes à la Renaissance" exhibition in the castle. I snapped these shots on the way out. The lighting is horrific but the cherubs make me smile.

The exhibition was fantastic, by the way.

About the exhibition: "Fêtes et crimes à la Renaissance, la Cour d'Henri III", from May 8 to August 24, 2010.

2013-05-11-16.31.20_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeon_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeonpeek_thu.jpg august_2010_dungeonext_thum.jpg august_2010_montrichard_thu.jpg august_2010_monmousseau_thu.jpg

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