Parade of Pizza Guys


These guys cracked me up. This Sunday afternoon they were advertising the new Domino's Pizza in La Croix Rousse by riding together in a mini parade of scooters and basically annoying the general public by honking awaaaaaaaaaaaaaay. No joke. We had to ride behind them for about 5 mins - I got a little succession of photos to prove it - and the honking was constant. I thought it was funny. Monsieur Le Hubby, a.k.a. Grouchy Old Phart in Training, said "ils roulent comme des crétins". Grumble, grumble.

{I'll have the four cheeses, please.}

2013-05-11-16.31.20_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeon_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeonpeek_thu.jpg august_2010_dungeonext_thum.jpg august_2010_montrichard_thu.jpg august_2010_monmousseau_thu.jpg

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