Edward Scissorhands.

The groomer and everyone else over here keeps calling this "la coupe d'été" (summer cut), but I call it: Bichon Frise with shaved body, bell-shaped head. At least all the other little French dogs walk around looking like this in the summer heat, so she doesn't feel all left out when she hangs out at the dog park.

"coupe d'été"
[I know I'm gonna hear it from Monsieur Le Hubby for letting her on the couch for this photo. Getting on the furniture is usually a big no-no.]

[The side view is kinda Vidal Sassoon-ish, Louise Brooke-ish bob.]

["Alright, fun's over. Get that %$@^# camera outta my face. Now. And give me a treat. Or let me back on the couch."]

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