Vieux Lyon. Did some vintage shopping. Two leather jackets for me, baseball mitt and ball for the boy. Truth be told, I probably would've gotten more if Mr Le Hubby hadn't been there. Will go again, definitely. I wanted to get a better look at the bags and shoes but we had the puppeh with us and she was getting hyper in the store.

Lunch was quick, so quick I didn't get a chance to document it with a photo, but very yummy. Goat's milk cheese with lettuce, tomato and vinaigrette on French bread. Mmmm, boy.

2013-05-11-16.31.20_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeon_thumb.jpg august_2010_dungeonpeek_thu.jpg august_2010_dungeonext_thum.jpg august_2010_montrichard_thu.jpg august_2010_monmousseau_thu.jpg

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